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If you are looking for professional and affordable lawn services San Antonio TX, Schertz Lawn Care is the best company. We have been serving this community for a couple of years and our focus is to ensure that your lawn and garden is healthy and safe. Whether you would want to plant a new garden or take care of your existing landscape, we are the right experts to hire. All our services are designed for your specific lawn and garden.  As such, we can guarantee you the best services, which will leave you with a beautiful and vibrant landscape.

We are a local lawn aerator with our primary focus being to provide property owners with quality lawn care and maintenance services. Most people love their lawn and would want to keep them in good shape. However, there are other demanding obligations that make it impossible for such to happen. If you are among such people who do not have the time to take care of your lawn, you have nothing to worry about as we will give you the best solutions. Our team of experts will make sure that your lawn is looking great.

We are certainly the best lawn care company in this region. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential mowing, lawn aeration, or gardening services, we would be glad to serve you. Contact us today to find out more about our services and schedule an appointment.

About Us

For more than 25 years, we have been providing professional and high-quality lawn care services in San Antonio. Each of the services that we provide will be handled by an expert that is certified and experienced. We are a full-service company and we have been growing the scope of our services for a long time. You no longer have to worry about cutting grass or weeding your garden as our crews will handle all these for you. Our services are tailored to your specific property and this is how we can guarantee you the best solutions for your property. We are more than a lawn care company as we will treat your property as our own and give it the best services.

Through the years, we have proved to be reliable, dependable, and a business that you can trust. We are a local company, with all our operations being executed locally. With the local knowledge, we have extensive experience in the different plants in San Antonio. Being a full-time business, we are able to accommodate many clients, without compromising on the quality of services that we offer. You are assured of high-quality and affordable lawn care services.

Your lawn is important and we are aware of this fact and this is why we will go out of our way to provide quality services. Our customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the quality of work that we offer. Contact us today to get a free quote and schedule an appointment with our lawn service experts.

Our Services

We are a company that offers a comprehensive range of lawn services in San Antonio. Every time we are hired to take care of a lawn, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the gardens and lawns are always looking fresh and neat. Our contractors are highly trained to handle any type of landscape design and ensure that you have the best results.

Our services include but not limited to:

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    Lawn mowing
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    Lawn mowing
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    Grass cutting
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    Weed removal
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    Lawn aeration
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    Tree and shrub care
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Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn may appear like a simple job until you try it out. For the first few weeks, when you have a new mower, you may enjoy the process. However, after a while, you will realize that it is a task that is demanding as the grass keeps growing. We are the company that wants to take off this load from you and ensure that your lawn is mowed on time. This allows you to have more free time to do other things. We will offer more services than just cutting the grass as we will remove the weeds, clear the driveways of all grass, and also offer edging services.

Lawn Fertilization

The soils in San Antonio and the larger Texas need some essential nutrients to sustain various plants. As such, we will be happy to provide you with lawn fertilization services. We have experience in the soil topography of this region. Once we have discussed your landscaping needs, we will be able to recommend the right types of fertilizers to use. Our fertilization programs are designed in such a way that the trees, shrubs, and other plants have the right nutrients all year round.

Irrigation and Sprinkler Services

There are certain plants that you may want to grow in San Antonio that only do well in areas with adequate rainfall. However, this is not a reason for you to limit your imagination. We are a company that offers irrigation services to ensure that you can grow any plants in your yard. Our company will offer sprinkler installation, repairs, and maintenance services as well. Call us and we will be able to recommend the best solutions for your irrigation.

Tree Care

Trees are essential to the overall design of the landscape and as such, it is important to have them. However, failure to take care of your trees may cause serious problems. We are tree experts and we will trim and prune all your trees so as to keep them safe and healthy. Our certified arborists are responsible for ensuring that you have trees that are appealing.

Contact Us

Do you want to transform your lawn into a beautiful sight? Contact us and get a free quote for our lawn services San Antonio TX. We are the best company and have so much to offer to all the residents of this area. We look forward to hearing from you and working on your garden and lawn.